The Studio

Baji (left)  and  Niamoy (right) learned to weave on a course MaliMali gave in 2009. They are the first women to ever weave in Djenne, where weaving is traditionally a mens’ occupation. We use organic and fair trade Malian cotton thread for our looms. The studio also has several bogolan dyers and painters.

MaliMali used to sell all the studio products in our shop at Hotel Djenne Djenno ( The hotel business has suffered because of the Malian political situation recently, and the hotel staff have all been retrained to work in the MaliMali Studio.

We are now selling exclusively online- please visit our shop! We are also open to discuss special comissions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements! Images bottom left and centre: fabric and make up bags produced for beauty product company . Image right : special commission for a cushion cover wedding present: ‘Ala Ka Furu N’Ye’ Bambara: May God Bless the marriage.